Glenn Holmes

Autobiography - Glenn Holmes (lead guitar)

I have always been into music, having come from a musical family. I took up the guitar when I was about 10 years old, which makes me 25 years old now, (yeah right, I know).

Anyway, the first band I played in was... you guessed it ... "The Holmes Family". Then I played in Christian rock bands such as Filament, JCB and Agent. I then discovered alcohol and joined Vengeance, Nemesis and moved on with Operation Anvil and also named a band after my son "Charlie's Dad's Band".

I stood in on occasion for other bands when they were a guitarist short, such as Sensible Shoes, King Rat & The Soul Cats, Roadhouse, and me being short, it wasn't a problem.

City Limits

Glenn Holmes - After Jersey Gig - circa 1997

I have been with City Limits since 1995. My favourite gig with the Limits was the one at St James with the Youth Orchestra, also available on DVD.

Denis and Glenn

Denis & Glenn aiming for Abbey Road recording contract? circa 2001

Well that's me in brief, any questions, don't hesitate to email the site.

Cheers for now