Colin Hewlett

Autobiography - Colin Hewlett (drums)

My musical history:

1966 Humble Fred
1968-69 Featherbed
1969 - 70 Cottage
1971 Axis
1973 Hitchcock Railway
1974-75 Mirkwood
1975 Blue Muk
1978-79 Skint 1
1979 Skint 2
1983 Clog and Ferret Celieh Band (also still playing in Skint)
Had a little break to be a daddy
1988 Pinky and The Walrus
1988 - 89 Fermain Tavern Houseband
1990 - 91 Village Blue
1991 Roadhouse
1997 Jez Carvery and the Forks
1999 City Limits

I also play with Peter Frampton (Escape Committee - Guernsey Branch)

Influences: Hollies, Beatles and hard edge Mersey bands, Big Three etc.

Blues and Jazz has always been my favourite kind of music, but I enjoy any music as long as it's played well. I find it best to keep ears and mind open. I couldn't name my favourite bands/musicians because there are just so many, covering such a large spectrum, and also so many years, the list is endless!

My most recent purchases include Yellow Jackets, St. Germain, Jamie Cullum, Robben Ford, Eva Cassidy, Sublime. My children keep me up to date with modern music...

and long may it continue!